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Katie Price Answers heat Readers’ Questions, Literally

by | 6th, October 2009

6111002HAVING seen the Heat video, in which Katie Price tells of going bald in The Priory, the woman who found fame as Mrs Peter Andre answers Heat readers’ questions.

Heat refers to Katie as Jordan/Kate struggling to see past the marketing scam that pits Katie Price (mother) against Jordan (slapper). Any differences become further blurred when Katie lifts up her dress to show off her knickers.

Katie is ready now to answer questions with her fearless candour – “And she’s ready to answer literally anything.

Lucy Archibold: How long after meeting Alex Reid did you sleep with him?
KP: That’s my business and no on else’s.

You want more fearless candour?

Sarah Chambers: Do you ever regret anything?
KP: Nothing… Although if pushed, I would say Eurovision.

Stepahnie Dye: If you were a vegetable, which one would you be and why?
KP: Broccoli, because it’s got lots of stalks and different bits to it, like me.”

Jack Andrew: Did you ever cheat on Pete?
KP: Stupid question.

Andrea Hackett: Which parts of your body are real?
KP: That’s such a stupid question.

Questions are all stupid. As Closer magazine says on its cover:

“MARRY ME OR ELSE! Jordan demands proposal within 3 weeks.”

Jordan, will you marry me and have our wedding in an OK! magazine photshoot?

KP: Stupid question…

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