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Susan Boyle Sings For Barbara Bush

by | 7th, October 2009

73687422SUSAN Boyle Watch: With Amanda Holden’s dinner, Postman Pat, Simon Cowell’s gardener and meeting Barabra Bush…

Ireland On Line: “Amanda Holden has to use Susan Boyle’s name to make restaurant reservations in America.”

She said: “To get into places, whenever they asked: ‘Who is it for?’ I’d say: ‘Do you know Susan Boyle? I’m the judge on that show.’

“They would be like: ‘Oh my god! Susan Boyle!’ and we would be in.”

And Susan?

“It’s amazing – she seems to have reached every corner of the world. I don’t think she realises her fame is growing. Susan has been in a little bubble in LA making her album and probably thinks the world has forgotten about her.”

Yeah, probably. That little bubble-haired bubble of tuneful air. Pudding, Amanda?

The Sun: “Amanda Holden exclusive chat”

More from Amanda who applauded Boyle’s drudge style and then took the piss out of her on the telly.

“Piers and I went to Simon’s house in LA and he put on Susan’s new track Wild Horses. We sat around his candlelit pool with it ringing out into the dark night. I had goose pimples.”

Susan had a burger and chips.

“I expected Susan to be good – but I didn’t expect the song choice to be so genius and to suit her so well. It was a cross between Kate Bush and Barbra Streisand.”

Barbara Bush can sing? And is that brown sauce on the end of Amanda’s nose?

Burbank Leader: A print shop in California is closing its doors.

So after 41 years, PIP Burbank is closing its doors. The same week that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the recession is “very likely over,” I will be looking for a new job for the first time in 21 years…

My first reaction is sadness and disbelief. I hate to see a Burbank tradition go after all these years… My second reaction is one of panic…

But it is my third reaction that I am now concentrating on. I have decided to use this newfound “opportunity” as my Susan Boyle moment.

The Guardian: “Britain’s got gardening talent”

I have a theory that Simon Cowell may have infiltrated the RHS. It might sound far-fetched, but you have to admit there’s something more than a little X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent about its latest wheeze – the RHS Olympic Park Great British Garden Competition…

But the part that made me realise why this competition is so worthwhile was Skandan Sithamparanatham’s simple but effective wheel design entry, of which he wrote: “I am entering this competition after my geography teacher, Miss Tharlow, encouraged me to and I believe my garden could be a feature of the Olympics.” To my mind that is more inspirational than the Susan Boyle and Danyl Johnson auditions put together, and quite frankly makes me wish I’d had a better geography teacher.

The Mirror: “Postman Pat to deliver in movie role”

Children’s favourite Postman Pat is to become a 3D movie star. In the feature film, Pat will discover he has an amazing singing voice. And he has a Susan Boylestyle transformation from sleepy postie to national hero and wins a Britain’s Got Talent-type contest.

And then Judge Wendy Holden gets her kits off for a lad’s mag?

Pat, who even meets a character based on X Factor mogul Simon Cowell, is forced to choose between his rural life delivering mail and international superstardom.

And a cat…

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