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Katie Price And Peter Andre Fans In Street Riot

by | 8th, October 2009

SPL129436_004KATIE Price and Peter Andre: Today Katie goes beserk with an umbrella – there is “blood” – fans square up in Fleet. Britney Spears returns and Pete talks Pete…

Daily Star
(front page): “JORDAN GOES MENTAL – Fight night for Kate and Pete as it gets bloody”

Has Katie been using Alex Reid for his cage fighting know-how? Is Peter Andre injured? Is the blood orange?

STRESSED-OUT Kate Price did a Britney yesterday as she went “completely mental” with a brolly. The glamour girl finally cracked as she lashed out at photographers with a bright red umbrella.

Kate, 31, flipped as she accused the paparazzi of all being “perverts” as they took photos of her while she was out shopping. She then screamed: “Why don’t you all just get a real job and f*** off?”

Proper photographers with proper studios in which they can take proper pictures of Katie Price’s boobs and crotch must despair at their amateur cousins. You show ‘em Katie. Says one paparazzo:

“She was crazed. She is normally so in control that it was really weird to see her doing something like that… She lives her life by selling out to the media, so how can she suddenly turn like this?”

We can’t say for sure. But – look! – Katie’s in the papers and the paps have their pictures. Lucky those chaps were there to witness the mayhem.

But what about that front-page blood? Well, there is isn’t any – unless you count the claret-hued umbrella. Goof, then, that the Metro newssheet keeps things sober:

Katie Price goes on Britney Spears-style umbrella rampage

Get Hampshire: “Andre and Jordan both scheduled for Fleet visit?”

Is Fleet big enough for Katie and Pete?

TWO celebrities currently going through a high-profile divorce could be in the same town Friday night. Organisers of different events say Peter Andre and estranged wife Katie Price have been invited to attend events just a few hundreds yards from each other in Fleet.

Will Team Peter and Team Katie in their colours (Peter: tangerine; Katie: mandarin) fans run amuck, smashing up the make-up concessions and hurling bottles of signature scents in the precinct? We turn to Hampshire’s Celebrity Police Force, expert in the causes and results of celebrity:

“Rumours have been circulating that the former couple are due to appear at different venues in the town, causing concern from residents of large numbers of fans and potential public order issues. Peter Andre is booked to make a personal appearance at Jaxx nightclub.

However, information suggesting that Katie Price is appearing at nearby Bamboo Bar is false. Officers have spoken to Ms Price’s management team which has confirmed that she will be attending a book signing and promotional event in Birmingham.”

So the story should be: “Andre and Jordan not both scheduled to visit Fleet.” Disaster averted. Hart Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector Geoff Scrutton says:

“Antisocial behaviour as a result of the night time economy was identified by residents as a priority for the area and we have worked extremely hard to tackle these concerns. Anyone who comes to the town centre to cause trouble will be dealt with robustly.”

To your umbrellas!

The Sun: “Cage-fighter: Jordan’s going to ditch me”

In a ditch? Because she, reportedly, made up a story about his being a transvestite called Roxanne (video footage of fighting trannies here)?

Now Alex, 34, claims the transvestite rumours are part of an elaborate plan by Jordan – real name Katie Price – to ditch him while retaining public sympathy. He revealed his fears in a late-night phone call to an ex-lover, whispering to her from a toilet at Jordan’s mansion in Surrey.

Alex told Danielle Sims: “Katie’s stitching me up. She told the papers I’m a cross-dresser to make me look like a freak. I’m sure she did it so that when she dumps me people won’t blame her.”

Can this be the same Danielle Simms who made Reid sound normal when she told us:

“Alex got off on rough sex. He liked to put his hands around my throat in a stranglehold and say, ‘Who’s the master? Who’s the daddy?’ All the time, he had his hands round my throat in a grip. Sometimes I’d have to cough or shake my head furiously before he’d release me but it never got to the point where I’d actually pass out.”

The Sun: “Katie pays Price of reality”

ITV2’s What Katie Did Next, which followed the glamour model after her split, pulled in 1.5million viewers. But Peter Andre’s one-off show Going It Alone got 1.7million.

Less trounced that the victim of 100,000 swing voters and interference in the Basildon area.

Heat: “Peter Andre sends a warning to Katie Price…”

Not another song? Katieeeeeee… Doncha beeeeeee haysteeeeee… Doncha way-a-steeeeeee… Ur fayyyyyysteeeee…. Nesssssssss…. Says heat:

“You have to be careful what you do. Actions can make or break you.” He agreed that he partly has Katie to thank for the fact he’s so well-known today, but denies that his reality show is in direct competition to hers. “It shouldn’t be a competition,” he told us. “No one knew my show would do so well.”

Hey, 1.7million viewers can’t be wrong – they can’t all be locked up in a secure institution with a telly on stand they can’t turn off. They can’t all be tabloid journalist looking for a story. Can they?

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