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Pedos And Paedos: How Paedophile Vanessa George Made Teachers The Enemy

by | 8th, October 2009

peados1As paedophile Carole Clark is jailed, the media links her case to those of Vanessa George and Baby Peter Connelly…

PAEDOPHILES and suicides are always big news in the British press. If the two threads can be linked, then it’s big front-page news. Last night, London freebie London Lite had two peado/suicide shockers on its front pages:

First up was news of Peter Connelly, aka Baby P. Sharon Shoesmith, the former head of Haringey social services that failed to protect a child who was tortured and died. The paper gave readers:

“Shoesmith: I wanted to kill myself.”

Having been sacked without compensation by Children’s Secretary Ed “as a dad” Balls, Shoesmith is petitioning the High Court for an estimated £173,000, and telling us how the case affected her.

In the second front-page, readers received news of Andrew George, husband to Vanessa George, the paedophile (pictures of her here):

“Suicide bid of nursery perv’s hubby.”

In both paedo-suicide stories, the suicidal lived. And in both stories, both subjects are neither paedophiles nor guilty of any crime. But they know people who abuse children and that is enough to make them newsworthy. And we are invited to stare.


Andrew George tells the Daily Star:

“What I did wasn’t a serious bid to kill myself but I wanted the authorities to realise I need help too.”

The Mirror brings more news in “NURSERY HUBBY SUICIDE BID”.

Dad-of-two Andrew George (right), aged 41, was rushed to hospital after he downed a cocktail of alcohol and pills. Paramedics were called to his Plymouth home shortly before midday on Tuesday. Back home yesterday, gas fitter Andrew said: “I don’t really want to talk about it. I feel very good – this has been the best day in a long time. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been feeling like I was carrying the weight of the nation on my shoulders.”

carol-clarkeBut what about the paedo stories? The Telegraph looks about the court news and settles up on one, linking it to the Vanessa George case:

Carol Clarke, 46, admitted crimes against boys and girls mostly aged between four and seven in and around Grimsby, in Lincolnshire. Clarke, of Grimsby, worked as a part-time tutor for adult students at Franklin College in Grimsby between October 2003 and April 2007 and also taught adults from home.

The Mirror wants the link to nursery school worker Vanessa George to be more overt:

“Paedo woman teacher’s shocking cop confession”

The media message is that teachers are not to be trusted. But two teaching paedophiles do not make a trend. Pedagogue. Paedophile. Peda! Paedo! Make the link in the Daily Mail.

The case follows the shocking prosecution of nursery worker Vanessa George, 39, who admitted carrying out a string of child sex offences at Bristol Crown Court last week.

Well, not exactly. The prosecution was not shocking – if it were then paedos would hold sway in our Brave New World…

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