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Getting To The Root Of Dentists And Sex

by | 9th, October 2009

dentist1AT Cork District Court a dentist denies “touching a trainee dental nurse between her breasts and placing a micro-camera inside her pants”.

The trainee nurse claimed that, on her second interview for the job, the dentist put two of his fingers on her sternum, or breastbone, while checking the alignment of her teeth.

We’ve not seen her teeth, but they are thought not to extent to her chest.

A third disputed incident involved the dentist allegedly opening buttons on the nurse’s new uniform, and putting a biro into the front pocket while flicking it from side to side, the Irish Examiner reports.

The dentist denied three counts of sexual assault. But more than the case, it is the profession that is of interst.

Last month, dentist Anthony Barton admitted groping a young nurse and flashing his leopard-print thong.

Dr Anthony Barton, 36, who is married, pranced around in front of the 19-year-old nurse and shouted: ‘Get a load of that!’

Also in September 2009, Dr Adrian Heath, a dentist who fought the Gainsborough constituency for the Liberal Democrats in 2005, went to retrial. Heath denied sexual misconduct with three patients. He allegedly told one of them he needed to compare her breasts and even asked her to remove her trousers after warning: “This is serious.”

Another patient said she “tightened up” after Dr Heath moved his hands to her breasts, cupped them and remarked: “Your glands are up at the moment.”


AN NHS dentist who masturbated over a teenage patient as she lay unconscious in his chair having had a tooth out walked free from court yesterday. Lee Gaukrodger, who initially tried to pass off semen in the 19-year-old’s hair as polishing paste, later confessed it had been “something exciting to do”, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Is there something about dentists that makes them more prone to what were once called ‘acts of madness’?

If so, it is surely rooted in the seduction of the movable chair, all that spitting and rinsing and holding one-sided conversations with patients:

Dentist: Off somewhere nice for your holidays?
Patient: Grillugphwllsuuurpthewuattp
Dentist: That’s it. Open wide!

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