Anorak News | Leigh Lezark Plays Trains With Russell Brand And Katy Perry

Leigh Lezark Plays Trains With Russell Brand And Katy Perry

by | 9th, October 2009

pa-7902643IT says here that Leigh Lezark is an American DJ and model. She also looks like a young Jodie Foster with a brunette blackberry rinse.

We bring you this potted biography because after a little research we managed to discover the identity of this woman sat next to Russell Brand and Katy Perry at the John Galliano Spring-Summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection show in Paris, France. The woman who looks as if she’d rather be anywhere else than sat next to them.

During New York Fashion Week, Lindsay Lohan rearranged the seating at a show, “pulling out cards reserving places for other guests, including Juliette Lewis and Taylor Momsen, and throwing them to the floor.”

Until then it had never occurred to us that attending a fashion show was not enough unlike boarding the 16:45 from Paddington to Bristol in less comfy shoes. You arrive early, fight your ways past the hefty security, who demand to see your passes at least twice, and run for a seat, edging your way down thin catwalk-like aisles that anyone over a size 12 will get stuck in. You then look for a seat and discover that lots of them are decorated with little reservation cards. You sit down and then, having settled in and moved off, hear a voice with a sense of entitlement Princess Michael would consider excessive telling you that they reserved the seat you are sat in and you need to move.

Bravo for Lohan. Better if she removed the chairs as well to make us truly empathise.

So here’s Leigh Lezark, her joy at just getting a seat tempered by the realisation that she is seated beside Brand and Perry and forced to endure their canoodling at close quarters…

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