Anorak News | Woman Finds Jesus In Kitchen Curtains, In Pictures

Woman Finds Jesus In Kitchen Curtains, In Pictures

by | 10th, October 2009

jesus-drapes-1Barbara Brame, of South Carolina, was in awe and wonderment as Jesus entered her life, and her kitchen…

SOMETHING told me to look in the kitchen and I sat and I looked in the kitchen. I looked at the window, and that’s when I see this image focused on my curtain.”

So says Barbara Brame.

“That was not on there before, I know my curtain, I know my kitchen.”

And she knows Jesus, and what Jesus looks like. She might even know why Jesus chose to show himself in her kitchen drapes, but it may well be an ecumenical matter.

“At first it shocked me and then afterward I realized, God is in my home. I asked different pastors and stuff and they said, yes God is in your home.”

He moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. But might god be getting a bit rusty. Having made the world and heavens in six days He now can barely muster up a spooky face in a pair of kitchen curtains. Times are hard for us all.

“Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Maybe he’s trying to tell me to go out there and save souls.”

Maybe he’s trying to tell you to wash your curtains and get a splash-back on your deep-fat fryer?

“Only thing I can say to them is you better stop thinking it’s crazy, and believe in God because God is for real. As long as you’re doing the right thing, and living right by God, God will show up.”

jesus-drapesAnd stop cleaning. Dirtiness is next to godliness. Sadly, no recipes are provided as to how to get god in your kitchen, but Anorak can tell you that chicken soup, Matzo balls, a side order of bacon rinds and a lemon soufflé (no bits!) give you a better chance than most.

“Every day I pray, I come and see it, and say thank you Jesus!”

And Jesus says: “No, thank you. I’m stuffed.”

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