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Man Shoots Lover On Night Before Wedding

by | 10th, October 2009

shotgun-weddingFriday night in the Florida home of John Tabbut, who is to be married on the Saturday. He hears a sound. He goes for the gun…

“RIGHT now everything points to a tragic accident,” says Police Chief Kevin Brunelle.

John Tabutt, 62, tells investigators of how he responded to hearing sounds in his home by grabbing his gun and showing the “intruder” in his hallway.
Only, it wasn’t a burglar. It was Mr Tabutt’s live-in fiancee, 62-year-old Nancy Dinsmore. They were to be married the next day.

He calls the emergency services. He says:

“I thought I had an intruder in the house. Honest to God, she looks dead. Hang in there, Honey. Hang in there.”

Tabutt says he thought Dinsmore was next to him in bed when he heard noises. PC Brunelle agrees. He says no charges have been filed against Tabutt, saying that the information provided has been verified. Mr Tabbut is “very distraught” and “very concerned about her well-being”.

Dinsmore’s son-in-law Scott Sposato, tells the Orlando Sentinel.

“They loved each other. It was quite apparent.”

Case closed.

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