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X Factor: Hypocrites Cheryl Cole And Dannii Minogue Say Knickers To Kandy Rain

by | 12th, October 2009

xxx-factor1X Factor: Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue criticise Kandy Rain’s sluttiness. Danyl Johnson is out.

KANDY Rain – the ex-strippers who sought to move away from their adult entertainment past by strapping themselves into bodices, gyrating behind pole-like microphones and wearing pussycat ears, having already named their group in the manner of an American porn star – are no longer competing on the X Factor.

Kandy Rain have the X-ex-Factor, soon, perhaps, to have the XX Factor and, of the money is good enough, the XXX Factor.

Dannii Minogue says that the look distracts from their voices. This is Danni Minogue, she before attempting to regain control of her eyebrows, slapped on some pneumatic breasts, shiny knickers and bras and dry-humped the stage.

And here’s Cheryl Cole who says Kandy Rain’s looks distracts from the vice, sorry, voice. And, yes, that is the same Cheryl Cole who can see dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, pushing out her crotch and sticking an ice-cream sundae between her open thighs for a photoshoot for the Chamber Orchestra Music Appreciation Society’s AGM. Says Cheryl:

You keep saying you want to be taken seriously as singers but you come out dressed provocatively.”

Don’t these girls know that to make it in the music business you first have to sing and then get your knickers out? There is a protocol.

The hypocrisy is almost as appalling as the act. And Kandy Rain are no more, failing to secure enough votes from pubescent girls and men in caravan parks.

So The X Factor: Kandy Rain are first out!”

Well, not quite. The first act out is Danyl Johnson, outted by Dannii Minogue. As the Mirror reports:

Dannii Minogue apologised last night after furious X Factor fans demanded she be sacked for “outing” Danyl Johnson live on TV. Her comments were made when bookies’ favourite Danyl changed the lyrics of Jennifer Hudson’s song And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, so he was singing to a woman, rather than a man. Dannii told Danyl, 27, on Saturday night’s show: “If we’re to believe what’s in the papers, there was no need to switch the gender reference.”

What Danyl has gay tendenceies? Who knew? Well, anyone who reads the News of The World did:

HUNKY X Factor star Danyl Johnson has revealed that he sings BOTH ways, admitting: “I’ve dated men AND women.”

The 27-year-old bisexual – who blew the judges away with his performance during last night’s opening show – told News of the World: “I am a massive flirt.

“I wouldn’t rule out someone just because of their gender.”

Now feel the fury:

They swamped ITV forums to complain. One wrote: “There should be no debate, no questions, no apologies…Dannii must be sacked.”

Says the Express:

A survey showed more than 80 per cent of fans wanted her kicked off. Many said they had complained to media watchdog Ofcom.

How many the Express does not say. What survey, the Express does not say.

But if Dannii Minogue does go, what next for her? Do those old knickers still fit?

In our gallery see if you can spot the serious singers from the slutty pretender…

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