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Stephen Gately: SADS, Betting And Suicide Bombs

by | 14th, October 2009

7913372UPDATE to the Stephen Gately Death Speculation: Having ruled out suicide, murder, gayness, drugs, drink and vomit the Daily Star says:

“Gately was killed by a dodgy heart”.

Medical experts” say Gately was a “ticking time-bomb”. Not a bomb that would hurt anyone else, you understand; more a time-bomb that would kill only him and cause pain to those around him.

But this is not a tale of suicide nor of suicide-bombs, but of a young man’s death being treated as a spectacle and a topic of speculation.

A Doctor Sanjay Sharma is the “UK’s leading expert on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”. Such an expert is he that Mr Sharma can examine Gately without actually meeting him:

“His lungs have been waterlogged very suddenly, suggesting his heart has failed. That is a heart attack…. If I was a betting man I would say it was an electrical fault. The heart would go into a fatally fast rhythm – around 300 beats a minute… Often in these cases, the first symptom is death.”

As a betting man. Anyone want a second opinion?

The coroner’s office in Majorca tells us that Gately died from pulmonary oedema, as we’ve learned. But the Star adds this:

“Lung infection, smoke inhalation and adverse reactions to drugs ranging from aspirin to cocaine can cause pulmonary oedema.”

Good of the Star to add the mention of cocaine.

The Express echoes the Star’s news and views with the front-page headline:


That’s SADS, to the layman.

“Boyzone star may have had a heart attack.”

Well, possibly.

In other news, the Mirror leads with a picture of Louis Walsh, the man who gave the world Boyzone resting his head on a hand and looking out to the reader.

The impression is that Walsh is in interview:


But the words are taken from a radio interview Walsh gave, and the picture is of Walsh sat in a café in Dublin. Like Boyzone, Walsh is acting with a dignity the media cannot handle.

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