Anorak News | Panic Face King Turns Mass Murder Into Entertainment

Panic Face King Turns Mass Murder Into Entertainment

by | 14th, October 2009

panic-face-kingIN Japan, the local have fond a way to hasten the celebrity cull. While the UK and US  boast Dancing On Ice, Comic Relief, live theatre, Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, airport scanners, America’s Got Talent, Ashley Cole and the Tony Awards, the Japanese have “Panic Face King”.

The would-be TV star told he is to star in a documentary about telephone scammers. Just after the interview begins, a sniper attacks, shooting dead everyone else in the room and giving the nascent telly star a heart attack and morbid fear of going out in public.

Of course, mass murder is a mainstay of the TV infotainment scedules, the show played out whenever a nutter runs amuck with a gun. The media delivers the news in numbers, scrambling among the bodies for a celebrity connection and guessing at how worse it could have been.


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