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Stephen Gately: Overdosing On Cannabis And Speculation

by | 15th, October 2009

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The Sun has news. It’s front–page news: “Gately used dope.”

TRAGIC BOYZONE star STEPHEN GATELY smoked cannabis on the night he died, police revealed yesterday. Forensic experts discovered evidence of the drug in the singer’s urine after he was found dead at his Majorca holiday flat.

The Sun has more news:

Stephen’s gay partner ANDY COWLES, 32, also admitted to detectives the star had been smoking the drug, a police source said.

Gay? Is that relevant? Admitted? Cannabis is illegal in Spain but the police do not see it as big deal. The use of “admitted” suggests guilt.

The insider revealed: “Although we know Stephen smoked cannabis on the night he died, that was not the cause of his death.”

No kidding. Has there been any case of someone Od-ing on cannabis? This story is shaped to cast a shadow over Gately’s death, to feed the media beast.

Get this in the Star:


BOYZONE star Stephen Gately smoked drugs in the hours leading up to his death, it was reported last night. Mallorca newspaper Ultima Hora claimed autopsy tests found traces of cannabis in the singer’s urine.

It raises questions over the official statement by Spanish authorities that drugs were not a factor in the death.

And this wonderful piece of journalism from Richard Peppiatt:

Gately, who battled an addiction to prescription drugs after Boyzone split in 2000, is thought to have downed cocktails and white wine at gay nightspot Black Cat in the hours before he died. Studies of cannabis use show its effects can be greatly accelerated when mixed with alcohol, causing dizziness, vomiting and even unconsciousness.

It has also been linked to lung problems such as Chronic Respiratory Tract Syndrome.

Peppiatt cites no sources. But you can read this by the British Lung Foundation:

The evidence concerning a possible link between cannabis smoking and COPD has not yet been conclusively established. A number of studies indicate a causal relationship between the two, whereas others contradict these findings.

And what of the mystery?

Stephen Gately – a life in pictures…

A police source on the island of Majorca says:

The autopsy revealed Stephen had taken cannabis, and his husband and another man present on the night he died have confirmed this in interviews. They have said Stephen did not take any other drugs, but the toxicology tests are being carried out to confirm this.”

No mystery, just research and police work.

In other news:

Stephen Gately’s four Boyzone bandmates plan to stay in the church with his body overnight before his funeral. Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy will bed down in the chapel late tomorrow because Stephen “didn’t like to be alone”.

And the funeral?

Boyzone manager Louis Walsh says he has turned down the opportunity to speak at Stephen Gately’s funeral… “They asked me to get involved but I couldn’t stand up. I’d break down. The emotions and nerves would be worse than any X Factor show. I don’t like real life – that’s why I love the pop business, it’s not real.”

A mention of the X Factor seems not in keeping with the sober and dignified mood. But it’s small compared to the media’s sensationalist treatment of a man’s death, in which they come to bury his reputation…

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