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Swiss Hitler Gnomes Of Zurich Invade Germany

by | 15th, October 2009

hitler-gnomeEVER wonder what a gnome of Zurich looks like? In Straubing, in Lower Bavaria, Ottmar Hoerl, has taken 1,000 gnomes on a package holiday.

Interestingly, they are all black. And they appear to have failed to move with the times, attempting to blend in my raising their right arms raised in a Heil Hitler salute. Ottmar Hoerl says they are trying “to get people to think, to react”.

Nazi salutes and symbols relating to the Third Reich are illegal in Germany. But Mr Hoerl says the 15-inch gnomes are ridiculing the Nazis.

All 1,250 gnomes will soon leave Straubing and go on a European tour, expecting to be greeted by cheering crowd in Austria.

Says one gnome: “It’s more of a pilgrimage than a tour.”

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