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Peta Stopped From Linking Swine Flu To Eating Meat

by | 15th, October 2009

meat-killsPETA says you can catch swine flu from eating meat.

Peta’s poster campaign states that “Meat kills”. E.Coli, mad cow, swine flu and MRSA all get name checked.

The message is clear:

“Go Vegetarian. Peta”.

The Advertising Standards Authority says the poster is misleading. The poster implies that swine flu could be caught be eating meat and that it might cause “undue fear”.

Swine flu is all about causing undue fear. Get this story form tosday Sky News:

Pregnant women in Britain are to get a form of swine flu vaccine that is not recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has emerged.

Says the ASA:

“Although we understood the intention was to refer to livestock and meat production rather than just eating meat, we considered that the message was, at best, ambiguous.

“We considered that some readers might infer from the poster, and in particular the claim “Meat kills” in conjunction with the claim “Go vegetarian”, that eating meat caused swine flu. We concluded that the poster was likely to mislead and could cause undue fear and distress to some readers.”

Peta has form with poster nonsense. Meat kills whales – although vegetables can turn your genitals into a ski jump

Peta’s enemies are not all the pleasant either:


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