Anorak News | Susan Boyle Comes Out Fighting For Leona Lewis

Susan Boyle Comes Out Fighting For Leona Lewis

by | 15th, October 2009

brenda-frickerSUSAN Boyle Watch: One day one from Leona Lewis being hit in the face by a fan / nutter / make-up artiste and Susan Boyle is taking up boxing.

The Mirror’s 3am Girls read the press release:

Susan Boyle has apparently taken up punching bags to de-stress. And guess what? Unassuming Suse is keeping it real by the shunning the middle-class-aspirational trappings and trendy gyms associated with boxercise to mix it up in her local boxing club in Blackburn. She’s so real. And she’s still blessed with that cross-demographic broad appeal, too – check out the cultural references: “One of her favourite songs is Eye Of The Tiger from the Rocky movie” said a ‘pal’.

If Eye of the Tiger can be sung slowly with organs and the Vienna Boys Choir on backing vocals, Susan Boyle may yet have a hit.

In other Susan Boyle news, Leo Hickman has a lament:

I have lamented in the past the fact that there rarely seems to be an online video with an environmental theme that “goes viral”. We get laughing babies, epic safari battles and Susan Boyle, but we never get a video that spreads an environmental meme to millions of people across the planet.

We all have your dreams to dream.

The image is of Susan Boyle’s album cover. Why they got Brenda Fricker to plays the part of Susan Boyle is beyond us. Maybe Susan didn’t want that makeover, having taken Amanda Holden’s advice to heart..?

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