Anorak News | Schwarzhalsziegen Sheep-Goat Stolen In VW Hatchback

Schwarzhalsziegen Sheep-Goat Stolen In VW Hatchback

by | 16th, October 2009

schwarzhalsziegenA SHEEP-goat, the Schwarzhalsziegen has been stolen from high on a hill in Germany.

There are only a few hundred Schwarzhalsziegen in the world. A police spokesman in Dillenburg, Germany, is appealing for witnesses:

“It’s very likely they weren’t professional rustlers because they used a Volkswagen hatchback to transport them.”

The VW hatchback is the vehicle of choice in the sheep-goat rustlers. Although the fact does not appear in the manufacturer’s promotional literature. The detective goes on:

“They will find them almost impossible to sell on because every single one of them is accounted for around the world.”

Well, not every single one. One of our Schwarzhalsziegen is missing…

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