Anorak News | Binge Drinking Video: Sex In The Toilets, Refilling Cups Of Sick And Urinating On The Dead

Binge Drinking Video: Sex In The Toilets, Refilling Cups Of Sick And Urinating On The Dead

by | 16th, October 2009

binge-drinking1BINGE drinking in the news now, and before we got the video, a few words from the press:

In “BINGE BRITAIN – ‘We Can Get Wasted For £10” , we journey to Cardiff’s Jumpin Jak bar iwth Closer magazine, where you can buy “limitless booze” for  just a tenner.

“It’s not unusual to find people  throwing up in their plastic cup, then rinsing them out in the  sinks and going  back to the bar for a refill,” says Samantha.

“Somtimes you see girls with their hands down guys’ trousers in the middle of the dance floor, or dragging them off to the toilet to have sex. It’s not unusual for the toilets to have sick and abandoned knickers on the floor.”

Sick knickers?

“I’ve been do drunk , I’ve wet myself in the street, and then wet the  bed of a bloke I’d just pulled,” says another girl.

After that advert for Cardiff, Sky News introduces one Philip Laing, 19. He is charged with outraging the public decency, having urinated over a memorial to the First World War’s fallen.

He was one of around 2,000 students taking part in the Carnage UK event on Sunday evening, during which many drunken scenes were caught on camera.The students paid £10 each to take part in the drinking session. He was allegedly helped to his feet and walked over to the First World War memorial in Baker’s Pool, where he relieved himself over tributes left to the fallen.

Over the newswires, the Government is applauding its booze drive:

Thousands of teenagers hoping to spend the summer binge-drinking had alcohol confiscated from them as part of a Government crackdown. Children’s minister Dawn Primarolo announced more than 5,000 litres of drink was taken away from youngsters between July and September.

Now to the video, which is not an excuse to show pictures of scantily clad drunken young women lying prone on the pavement or cavorting in the street. This is not the Daily Mail.

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