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Grounded Balloon Boy Falcon Heene’s Rap Video

by | 16th, October 2009

falcon-1SIX-YEAR-Old Falcon Heene is falling through the skies in his dad’s home-made air balloon. Look! Look! Look!

6 Year Old Colorado boy Falcon Heene falls out home made balloon


Heene said, “I could feel Brad hitting me on the side trying to tell me something: Falcon is in the flying saucer. That’s when I realized Falcon might actually be in the flying saucer.”

Everyone freaked out.

Scramble the TV crew!

In an interview with CNN, Falcon said he had heard his family calling his name.

“Why didn’t you come out?” Richard Heene asked.
Falcon answered: “You had said that we did this for a show.”

The show? The news right? Or some other form of entertainment?

The Heene family has appeared on the ABC show Wife Swap and the boys have featured in a rap music video on YouTube. Is there to be reality TV show about flying Heenes?

When asked to clarify the comments later, Heene bristled. “I’m kind of appalled after all the feelings that I went through, up and down, that you guys are trying to suggest something else,” he said.


Asked during an impromptu news conference outside his house whether the incident was a stunt, Richard Heene said: “That’s horrible. After the crap we just went through. No. No, no, no.”

But still.

A commenter on said that if the incident was staged, “at minimum they need to be billed for the emergency personnel and services expended in this fiasco that has made international news.”

Maybe the media which profited by hundreds of hours of footage of a balloon can help with any bills?

So what next for Falcon the non-flying birdboy?

Asked if he would consider grounding his son, Heene replied: “We don’t ground our children. But we are going to talk to him.”

All eyes now on Mr Heene. A hoax! A hoax? A media debate about a boy who wasn’t in a balloon. Only, this story might have fed itself. Bill Johnson writes in the Denver Post:

The scenario seemed too fanciful, perhaps yet one more cover-story lie…

Still, you go and stand vigil at the grieving parents’ Fort Collins home, watch the police officers grimace and hustle, their yellow tape strung everywhere. And you await word for where the body landed.

It’s the media dumb show:

Almost every neighbor and acquaintance of the Heenes’ who had gathered outside the Fossil Ridge Drive home had called it:

The boy, they said, was probably hiding somewhere, afraid he was in trouble for making his father’s balloon fly away.

Probably. But by then no-one was listening…

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