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Those Falcon Heene Jokes In Full

by | 17th, October 2009

balloon-boyBALLOON Boy is a huge media star. Falcon Heene is the boy who never flew in a ballon. Falcon Heene is huge.

All the big media networks are talking about Falcon Heene.

Other things that Falcon heene didn’t do to feature in the new reality TV series: Watching Falcon Heene Watching The Telly:

Show 1: Falcon Heene does not  score a home run for the LA Gastric Bands

Show 2: Falcon Heene does not cross the Atlantic in an economy-size tub of maragine

Show 3: Falcon Heene does not become the  world’s youngest dad

Show 4: Falacon Heene wins teh Noble Peace Prize for sending more troops to Afghanistan

And lots more…

Says Falcon Heene:

“Dad, I don’t feel so good…”

Watch Falcon Heene vomit LIVE on TV!


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