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Katie Price Makes Illegal Sex Joke On Graham Norton Show

by | 19th, October 2009

claire-powellKATIE Price has “sparked fury” by claiming The Graham Norton Show that her ex-husband Peter Andre has been sleeping with his manager, Claire Powell.

For those of you not in the know. Powell is the Fern Britton look-alike who pops up on Peter Andre’s TV show to fill the gaps between Pete looking sentimental and asking for his children to kiss him to talk about Katie Price.

The Star calls his comment “outrageous”. It screams:


It reports:

She joked with the TV chat show host, 46, that men were “lazy” and would “sleep with the first women they see”, then added: “Yes, or his manager Claire.”

So she never actually said Pete Andre is shagging his manager. She joked about men. But it’s huge news and:

And “Team Andre” has vowed to take legal action over the “complete lies”.

What legal action can be taken is uncertain? Is it libellous to say someone could shag someone else? Can a joke be illegal?

And what of Claire, who is a more engaging screen presence than Pete:

Claire, who once guided 31-year-old Kate’s career, dismissed the claims as “nonsense”, saying they were “not even worth a response”.

Such is her, er, response.

“She’s just nasty. This is total bollocks. She’s using him to get publicity. We will definitely be taking it further.”

Look out for Claire taking it further by commenting on the matter in Pete’zzzzzzzz TV show, enlivening those moments between Pete looking sentimental and asking his kids to kiss him, by taking of the huge row.

Meanwhile, Katie Price is still talking:

“He won’t meet me and won’t speak on the phone without hurling abuse. It’s all going through solicitors which is a waste of money… If I had known I would have gotten all this stick for being dumped I probably would have finished with him a long time ago. But I was trying to keep it going and I still got all the stick and he walked out.”

And how are you both trying to keep it going?

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