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The Fat And Obese Storm London Mayor Boris Johnson’s Offices

by | 19th, October 2009

fattiesHEAR that? The obese are on the march in London. They’ve massed outside the portly mayor of London’s offices ahead of a BBC documentary on obesity-ism, calling for rules like those in San Francisco, where discriminating against fat people is banned by law.

The campaigners are members of the Size Acceptance Movement. A Marsha Coupe tells the BBC:

“I have been punched, I have had beer thrown in my face, I have had people attack me on the train. They say ‘Move out of the way fatty! Well person coming down the aisle!'”

She tells other news organs:

“London prides itself on being diverse yet there is almost a zero-tolerance on anyone of size. You cannot walk the streets without being verbally or physically assaulted.”

Fellow campaigner Kathryn Szrodecki responds:

“This is a very common event – someone being beaten up should be a crime.”

It isn’t?

But this is the wrong way to go about things. Fat once used to man jolly and prosperous. Now it means failure and victimised. Comic books were once full of “fatties” eating buns, breaking chairs and being forced to go on cross country runs by brittle, thin-lipped games mistresses.

Now Miss is in charge of the country’s gym and we are all fat kids with nowhere to turn for help.

How we would have warmed to Tony Blair had be piled on the pounds and wedged himself into the stern of a rowing boat only for it to tip up at the other end, rather than slink into rowing machine looking chipper, a product of entitlement and spite.

Elsewhere on the BBC – Warning over diabetes ‘timebomb’:

The charity said pre-diabetes – which is also known as impaired glucose regulation – can often be reversed, cutting the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 60%, by losing even just a “moderate amount of weight”, adopting a healthy, balanced diet and increasing physical activity.

Maybe if the fat are really bullied by the Government they will feel impelled to go on a march, or make the thin feel really bitter by organising a sit-in at a cake shop. And enjoying it…

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