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Koran Writing Appears On Baby’s Leg

by | 20th, October 2009

ali-god-legsIN the small village of Krasno-Oktyabrskoye, in the Republic of Dagestan, new-born Ali Yakubov bears the mark of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

Ali’s mum, Madina Yakubova, says her son was born with a hematoma on his chin. But – lo! – when the wound healed, the word ‘Allah‘ written in Arab appeared as if by magick.

And that is not all. On his legs are entire sentences in Arabic. He is the first child that you can cuddle and read:

“The inscriptions appear on Mondays and Fridays, the boy runs very high temperature and cries. The inscriptions gradually disappear after three days and then new ones appear.”

Pravda reports:

The parents did not tell anyone about this until they saw the inscription saying ‘Show these signs to people.’ The woman added that Ali was her second child, and this never happened to her daughter.

Wow, indeed. The boy is a star, and thanks to diving will he won’t need to have any tattoos written on his skin. How David Beckham must writhe with envy.

The imam of the village says these are “God’s signs”.

Ludmila Luss, a doctor, is less certain:

“They might have treated his skin with irritants, such as pepper and salt, or medications, which trigger skin inflammation and leave red traces in the shape of Arabic characters.”

But why would Mohammad and the angels do that?

Pravda knows:

The parents may not have used any substances or medications, if the child suffers from urticarial dermographism, also known as skin writing, – a skin disorder that occurs with five percent of the nation’s population. It is one of the most common types of urticaria, in which the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked or rubbed with a dull object. Therefore, if the child has such a disorder, writing anything on his skin is a piece of cake.

A divine phenomenon? Or a reusable pad, which is pretty phenomenal in itself?

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