Anorak News | Katie Price And Peter Andre Come Together Over Stacy Solomon

Katie Price And Peter Andre Come Together Over Stacy Solomon

by | 21st, October 2009

7896307GREAT news that Katie Price and Peter Andre have agreed to agree that X Factor singer Stacy Solomon is their fave. They‘ve had their rows…

…But the bubbly Dagenham girl has brought them together and they’ve both raved about how sweet she is.

X Factor host Dermot O’Leary says Stacey is “the new Jade Goody”, which should mean we see Pete jogging along with “STACEY” daubed on his arm.

In other news the Sun says:

JORDAN took a leaf out of Cheryl Cole’s book today with her choice of outfit. The glamour model, real name Katie Price, decided to wear a military style jacket which was strikingly similar to the one the X Factor judge put on for her performance on Sunday.

If Katie can lose some layers, show more flesh, shag a vomitous footballer and sing along to a backing tape, she can be “the new Cheryl Cole”, or the old one.

Over in the Daily Star, the front page news is sensational:

“Jordan: Peter & I shared our marriage bed with another woman.”

You just know this other woman is their daughter or based on their late night’s watching Rikki Lake on the telly…

“There were three people in our marriage”…She [Katie] told a pal: “At times it was like Claire was in bed with us. She was always on Pete’s mind. In fact, she was there even when she wasn’t. I felt married to two people – Pete and our management. It just suffocated me.”

Says fly-in-the-Toche Eclat reality TV star Katie Price. Make that Lady Katie Price:

Her claim mirrors that of Diana in 1995 when she said that Camilla Parker Bowles had been to blame for her divorce from Prince Charles, saying: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

And the horses. Do not forget the horses.

Time now to catch up with Peter Andre. Pete’s been at the Crawley Kung Fu school, perhaps looking to get a team together to break Alex Reid’s legs.

A comment by Peter Andre in a magazine prompted a Crawley kung fu club owner to invite him to visit.

Breaking someone’s legs right?

Paul Hawkes, of Kung Fu Schools, Spindle Way, said: “He wrote that he used to do kung fu and was in great shape when he did it, so we contacted his PR company and they came to the school and checked everything out.”

And then Pete arrived with a film crew, and began training for the Alex Reid/Katie Price Smackdown….

Get your tights and cape, Claire Powell, when Pete taps you, you’re on…

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