Anorak News | Boar Girl Grows Pelt-Like Skin Covering

Boar Girl Grows Pelt-Like Skin Covering

by | 21st, October 2009

domuzkiliAFTER Balloon Boy and the Koran Baby Reader, we learn of a six-year-old girl turning into a boar (Star), “cat-girl” (Sun).

What began as a small birthmark on her back has spread to form a pelt that now covers Li Xiaoyuan’s entire back and is starting to grow on her arms and face.

From Fengkai, southern China, Li’s dad Li Yan says:

“Doctors told us it was just a birthmark even when it started spreading but now it covers half her body. None of the other children want to play with her – they are really mean.”

Children can be mean. Adults just stare and take photos. Surgeon Dr Lou Zhongquan of Zhaoqing City Dermatological Hospital says:

“If they were smaller we could use laser treatment. But even if we removed these with surgery there is a very strong chance of post surgery haemorrhage.”

It’s horrible story that nevertheless fascinates…

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