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Katie Price And Peter Andre: How Dignified Peter Keeps Private Things Private

by | 22nd, October 2009

7898688HAVING told Katie Price’s current accessory Alex Reid in a phone call that he was going to “break your fucking legs”, a dignified Peter Andre, who also called Reid a “fag” and a “tranny”, tells OK! readers:

“A private phone conversation should be kept private. I believe within minutes it was put on Facebook. It’s a game and I really don’t want to be dragged into it.”

You can read all about how dignified Peter doesn’t like to be dragged into it here. And you learn why Peter keeps mum and rises above it all here:

I’m aware that at some stage they’ll want to go on the internet, read what happened, and see what was said, and I don’t want them to read anything bad their dad has said about their mum.

And here.

And if you want to hear about private phone calls, you can read this in the Daily Mirror:

Horrified Peter Andre accused Katie Price of being a “despicable mother” during an expletive-filled row witnessed by the Mirror. The singer was incensed after discovering Katie was teaching their children to swear – using the C-word in front of Junior, four, Princess, two, and Harvey, seven.
During the ferocious six-minute phone conversation Katie, 31, instructed Junior to use vile and offensive language.

The Mirror was with Peter, 36, throughout the conversation.

It went on:

Katie then took the phone back from the youngster and launched a vicious attack on her former manager Claire Powell, who still represents Peter. She called her a “fat, ugly, evil c***.”

The emotional singer retaliated, calling Katie a “despicable mother” and a “disgrace”. By chance, the argument was captured by an ITV2 camera crew filming for Peter’s reality show.

Elsewhere in OK!, Peter tells readers about his new song for Katie, the delightful, You Ain’t Worth Shit.

“I hope the ratings for this are good, just so people can hear that song at the end,” he chuckles to us, clearly regaining his sense of humour after a torrid few months.”

Privacy. What privacy. They can’t handle the privacy…

Picture: Peter enjoying a private meal with few of his agent’s clients in a Mayfair hotel, before a big row that made it into the papers. Why do they stare?

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