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Finance Director With Stealing Fetish Collects M&S Underwear

by | 22nd, October 2009

knickersSTAFFORDSHIRE’S The Sentinel newspaper brings news of a “finance director” who has been jailed for 16 months for stealing women’s clothing – “including underwear – from Marks & Spencer”.

The Devil is in the detail? Are finance directors more prone to stealing women’s knickers than, say, account managers or the head of HR? The headline screams:

Fetish man is jailed for shoplifting

Fetish? What is his fetish for: stealing; shoplifting; women’s knickers; A-line skirts; M&S?

David O’Connell, aged 48, was handed the sentence at Leicester Crown Court yesterday, after pleading guilty to two counts of theft from the popular store.

And there it is: the undies were from M&S. Not Asda. M&S is the “popular store”.

The court heard that O’Connell had taken 6,400 items of women’s clothing from the high street chain, worth around £119,000…

When police searched his home, at that time in Coventry, they found an “Aladdin’s cave” of thousands of items, including underwear, stored in wardrobes and boxes – many with their store tags still on.

Did Aladdin collect women’s knickers? “They’re for cleaning me lamps, officer.”

Judge Simon Hammond said: “He has a sexual fetish in relation to female clothing. The irony is this: the defendant could have bought this clothing himself. What he does in his private business is no concern to the court.”

So the festish is for theft. Right? Man with thieving fetish arrested, allegedly. Read all about it…

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