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Can Nick Griffin Say Something Really Offensive And Save The BBC?

by | 22nd, October 2009

nick-griffin2MUCH hope in Anorak Towers that Nasty Nick Griffin will live up to the hype and say something truly terrible that makes tuning in worthwhile. But he looks like he might not be up to it. He seems to pathetic.

If Griffin fails to deliver then Question Time will slink back into its late evening slot that has made it an unwatchable show fronted by a smirking BBC host (do they mould these people?) and populated by a bunch of jobbing politicos and a celebrity who is there to cut thought the nonsense and show us just how shit politicians are. Right, kids?

The very future of  the BBC depends on Griffin being offensive. But is he up to it?

Old Mr Anorak has equipped us with cards on which the following things to look and listen out for:

1. Griffin saying: “All blacks are sub-human and since black footballers started playing for England, the lads have failed to win the World Cup.”

2. Griffin saying that Jews control the media and whenever he speaks about his love of camping, Jews dub his words with comments like “The Holocaust is a lie”, “Six million Jews were transported by hot air balloons to Venus, where they still live in houses made from pure gold”, and “I love Nazis”.

3. Griffin saying: “Stephen Gately died from unnatural causes.

4. Griffin saying: “Ich bin eine Britisher!

5. Griffin goose-stepping up and down the table singing ‘Ten Lancaster Bombers’ while slapping his leather-clad shorts.

Says one protestor:

“If Nick Griffin doesn’t say something offensive I’m going to be f******* livid!”

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