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Anorak Wraps Up The Week When Lindsay Lohan Died And Nick Griffin Forgot His Lines

by | 23rd, October 2009

acid_picdump_57_55THAT was the week when: Lindsay Lohan died, Nick Griffin twitched, Cheryl Cole had the Y Factor, India’s call centre workers exploded, Stephen Gately died – again; Madeleine McCann became a mascot – but not a Halloween outfit – and James Arthur Ray didn’t break sweat…

Sunday October 19:

Only Video Of Anne Frank Emerges

Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Lap Dance Undoes Whitney Houston’s Dress

Someone should have told Whitney Houston that you don’t need a wardrobe malfunction to be British pop star, you just need to come on stage dressed as a lap dancer and get mum, dad and the kids to clap along.

Indian BT Worker ‘Bombs’ British Customer’s House

“I’m disgusted that something like this can happen with such a respected company. The whole thing has been upsetting. It doesn’t get much worse than someone – a stranger – saying he is going to blow you up.”

Sir Ian Blair’s Policing Controversy: Making Money With Jean Charles de Menezes

Given what they thought they were dealing with, Charlie 2 and Charlie 12, in running towards and getting within a few feet of a suspected suicide bomber, and Ivor [a surveillance officer], who sprang on him and pinned his arms to his sides on the Tube train, should each have been awarded the George Medal.

Somali Game Show First Prize Is AK47 And Jihad

The Fat And Obese Storm London Mayor Boris Johnson’s Offices

“This is a very common event – someone being beaten up should be a crime.”

Monday October 20th

Stephen Gately: Jan Moir Poised To Escape The 21000 Twitter Haters

While Jan Moir is ser to become the Daily Mail’s obituary writer – hey, Jan RIP means Rest In Peace not RIP to shreds –  the media continues to write about the vibrant career of Jan Moir. As we’ve said, this middle-aged frump is having her Susan Boyle moment.

How Drama Queen Nikole Churchill Dragged Obama Into A Beauty Race

The Madeleine McCann GPS Locator For Your Potentially Missing Kids

Introducing The Michelle Obama Action Doll And Sex Toy

Koran Writing Appears On Baby’s Leg

“The inscriptions appear on Mondays and Fridays, the boy runs very high temperature and cries. The inscriptions gradually disappear after three days and then new ones appear.”

Woman Too Stupid To Marry United With Wife Of Doctor Who Poisoned Mistress’s Unborn Baby

Hello Magazine Tuesday: Prince Harry And Chelsy Get Intimate

Harry looks to a have piled on bit of timber; and Chelsy looks increasingly like Amanda de Cadenet from the nose up and Viscount Linley from the nose down.

Tuesday October 20th

Viana Esporte Club Score 9 Goals In 9 Minutes To Win Brazil’s League Title On Goal Difference: Video

Balloon Boy: A Where Were You Moment

Lindsay Lohan Dies In 2010: In Pictures

Saudi Woman Divorces Husband For Calling Her Guantanamo

Wednesday October 21

70 Stone Paul Mason Is The World’s Fattest Dancer

He eats 20,000 calories of food a day – EIGHT TIMES the official adult male average of 2,500. Paul scoffs three family-sized takeaways a night and wolfs down Sunday roasts like snacks.

Stephen Gately In Gay ‘Blackmail’ Plot And ‘Third Man’ Flees

Closer: Lindsay Lohan’s Suicide, Katie Price’s Crying Kids And Cheryl Cole

New York Times Cuts 100 News Workers Who Fail To Spot Story in Own Office

Boar Girl Grows Pelt-Like Skin Covering

What began as a small birthmark on her back has spread to form a pelt that now covers Li Xiaoyuan’s entire back and is starting to grow on her arms and face.

Alex Reid In Drag Helps Katie Price Flog Standing Out

In Pictures: Andre Bamberski Arrested For Kidnap Of Doctor Who Killed His Daughter

ANDRE Bamberski, 71, is arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Dr Dieter Krombach, 74, and delivering him bound and gagged to a French court.

The Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Jokes In Full

Thursday October 2009

Madeleine McCann Is An Everton Mascot

Every fan who bought a ticket can collect a T-shirt, which has the words “We’re Still Looking For You” on it.

And you thought Evertonians were just looking for a decent centre half.

The Most Disgusting, Offensive And Tasteless Halloween Costumes


Katie Price And Peter Andre: How Dignified Peter Keeps Private Things Private

World Cup Countdown To Crapello: German Team Told To Wear Bullet-Proof Vests

WORLD Cup News now – Anorak’s Countdown To Crapello – as Germany’s footballer are told to wear bullet-proof vests in South Africa

Nicole Kidman Is Not A Sex Object But If She Were She’d Be A Naked Plastic Doll

Amy Winehouse’s Dad Mitch Says Her Breasts Are ‘Fantastic’

Interview With Survior Of James Arthur Ray’s Sedona Sweat Lodge

Friday October 23

Can Nick Griffin Say Something Really Offensive And Save The BBC?

The BBC Anti-Nick Griffin BNP Protest In Pictures: Hello Mum

BNP Leader Nick Griffin’s Question Time Review, With Jan Moir, David Letterman And All The Views

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