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Barack Obama Blesses Fox News And Turns 50

by | 23rd, October 2009

1188640AS Barack Obama seeks to block Fox News, and fails, Anorak is minded of this comment by the great sage on political matters, the shouty singer Lulu:

There’s so much to be gained from being around people who are smarter than you. If there aren’t any to hand, read about them or observe them in the media. Barack Obama, for example, is so clever, so inclusive. Whenever a problem comes up these days, I find myself saying, ‘How would Barack address this?’”

Well, Lulu he would call it racism and then try to ban it. And then Rupert Murdoch would win. As Tim Blair notes:

Anyone at Fox whose bonuses are tied to ratings must be weeping with joy:

This year, the Fox News Channel will post the highest ratings in its 13-year history.

Look at the numbers. Rather than hurt Fox, all this attention from the White House has actually helped the network, giving it a public relations bonanza and marketing blitz it could never have afforded to buy itself.

Because He can… OK, Obama is getting a rough ride from some sections of the press, like this in the Telegraph:

“Barack Obama Sees Worst Poll Rating Drop in 50 Years”

He’s only in his 40s. Where’s that birth certificate…?

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