Anorak News | Save Perez: Perez Hilton Is Scientology’s ‘Latest Victim’

Save Perez: Perez Hilton Is Scientology’s ‘Latest Victim’

by | 24th, October 2009

scientologyCELEBRITY blogger gone native Perez Hilton (and family) is introducing his readers to the wonders of Scientology.

Anorak’s Man in the ratsnest tells us:

“Notice the text on pink background below, sandwiched between badly written blog stories?

“That’s not just an informational blurb about the Church of Scientology – it’s space bought & paid for by the church. And who’s the recipient of those Scientology dollars? Perez Hilton.”

Nothing wrong with anything about that. You can support what you like on your own blog. But Perez Hilton seems a little confused about what his views on Scientology are. He likes their money – unless he’s posting the ads for free? – but doesn’t seem to much like them:

On the matter of John Travolta’s son Jett’s death:

This must have been a very difficult day for the star, but we wonder if there will be any backlash from the Scientology community, where discussion of developmental disorders is a big no-no.

The weird Katie Holmes:

Look at Tom’s intense gaze! Well, the couple that jogs together…loves Xenu together?

Invites Will Smith to “Just come out of the alien-worshipping closet!”

Who calls French Scientologists:

Shady as fuck!

Who wants us to save Suri Cruise:

“Save Suri! The Indoctrination Begins”

Who asks:

Is that some weird Xenu shiz???

And who wonders if the singer Pink is Their Latest ‘Victim’?”

Of course, Perez could be doing a Peaches Geldof:

According to new reports from the UK, British celebubrat Peaches Geldof has begun studying to become a Scientologist in order to get closer to a more A-list social life. Shallow much?

This is, of course, the same Perez Hilton who threatened to mug Carrie Prejean, the assisted Californian beauty queen for agreeing with Barack Obama on the matter of gay marriage.

And while the Scientologists deny mental illness, Perez has designs on being Obama’s heath czar. How mental is that?

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