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Emmy Winning Richard Heene, Mayumi Heene And The Heenettes In Halloween Horror

by | 24th, October 2009

balloon-boy-halloweenHAVING met Richard Heene and Loft Boy Falcon Heene, we now get to meet Mayumi Heene, who has confessed that the Balloon Boy story was a hoax.

Yeah, double hard luck on all of you who tuned in to see a six-year-old boy die – you were double-duped. The ones who wanted Falcon to live are still rejoicing that he managed to come down from the attic without injury. That boy is a walking miracle.

The police report states:

“She [Mrs Heene] and her husband had instructed their three children to lie to authorities as well as the media regarding this hoax.”

Teaching your children to lie to become famous… Tsk! How can that ever work? And while you fathom that awfulness of it all, you can read about the Heenes all over the media. ~and you enjoy the facts:

The BBC’s Rajesh Mirchandani, in Los Angeles, says it is believed that the Heene family – who had already twice appeared in reality TV shows – constructed the elaborate ruse because they were keen on another bid at stardom.

Want more facts about, er, Miyumi Heene?

Want to know that the Balloon Boy Halwloeeen costume is “flying off the shelves” (geddit?).

The Edmonton Sun reports:

The Colorado couple appears to be suffering from ASD — attention seeking disorder. Obsessed with fame and fortune and snagging their own reality show, it’s obvious their reality isn’t close to reality.

No, they’re not really famous at all, are they?

Forget fining the Heenes are making them pay and give them an Emmy and a job creating TV shows for ITV and which ever other moribund cable channel is looking for captivating, engaging telly…

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