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Katie Price’s Alex Reid In Thai Ladyboy Tongue Twister

by | 24th, October 2009

7947861ALEX Reid, Katie Price’s walking Toffee Crisp, “became OBSESSED with this Thai ladyboy he met in a sex club.

She’s called Kay Kae. And it’s ‘A OK Kay Kae’ from Alex Reid who “kissed and cuddled Kay Kae and made 15-mile trips to see her during three months teaching at a martial arts centre on the holiday isle of Phuket”.

Kay Kae wasn’t doing the teaching with her Karate Chopper, Alex Reid was. And Kay Kae, who has now undergone a sex change, says “Reid KNEW of her male past because of her large hands – but added: ‘He liked me to talk dirty.’”

A sex change doesn’t take in the hands. The hands never lie – neither does the RAF uniform, because in the tabloids a sex change operation is always carried out of a member of Her Majesty’s armed forces.

But what does any of this mean? The Sun is here to inform:

The revelations could be the final straw for Jordan, real name Katie Price. She was already said to be on the verge of dumping Reid after finding he was starring in a sick rape-simulation porn film and loved dressing up as alter ego Roxeanne.

This was the sick rape porn film – not to be confused with the sweet rape porn film – which led to Katie getting loadsa coverage for her rape tale; and Roxanne, which Alex said was a load of tosh but caused him, nevertheless, to appear as Katie’s new Frocky Horror Glow – think Dean Gaffney covered in melted orange KitKat – as she flogged her latest book.

Reid, 34, was in Thailand in 2006 to train and teach at the Tiger Muay Thai MMA fight school.

Got that? He met Kay Kae at the Tiger Muay Thai MMA fight school. That’s Kay Kae at the Tiger Muay Thai MMA fight school. OK? One more time, with feeling (no touching above the knee).

Says Kay Kae:

“I remember him very well. He was nice but not really my style. I prefer smaller guys with less muscles. [Peter, you listening?] He came into the bar with a Thai man who worked at the boxing club. He didn’t come and drink much because he was too serious about his training. But we’d meet late at the bar and then he’d take me back to the house he used at the camp.”

Camp… Go on:

Kay Kae said punters would buy girls drinks and pay for sex but Reid was only there out of curiosity. There is NO suggestion money changed hands or sexual services took place.

Which is why the Sun entitled the piece:

“Jordan’s laydee boy canoodled a Thai ladyboy.”

As the MSN encarta dictionary defines canoodling: “kiss and cuddle: to kiss and cuddle somebody in a mildly romantic or sexual way.”

Glad that’s cleared up, then…

Here are the ladyboys in action:

The Ladyboys of Bangkok In Fringe Pictures

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