Anorak News | Mark Croft Tows Kerry Katona Into A Pub For £50 A Time

Mark Croft Tows Kerry Katona Into A Pub For £50 A Time

by | 24th, October 2009

6886551HOW much shopping can you do in Iceland for £50? That question to you, Kerry Katona, as the NoTW reports:

“Kerry Katona’s low-life husband Mark Croft is flogging her for personal appearances at £50 a time.”

Anorak wonders what constitutes an appearance? Is, say, having Kerry stick out her tongue in your direction an appearance? If so, Croft might be chancing his arm and trying to test the limits of Kerry’s market value.

If a tongue poke is £50, how much for full two-fingered salute; having her slur your name; or her grabbing your tits and gurning?

The NoTW couches the Kerry Katona price list in more facts:

Croft, who has just taken delivery of a £26,395 Ford Focus RS, is touting the Kerry-grams in boozers all over Warrington, according to a pal. For £50 cash, he promises landlords he will turn up with Kerry in tow for a night in the pub. Lucky customers then get to enjoy a pint watching Kerry, 29, get rat-faced.

The car is introduced. Then we read that Croft moves with “Kerry in tow”. These facts are surely linked. What man in his right mind would not fork out £50 to see Mark Croft towing Kerry Katona from the back of his Ford Focus RS? Better if Kerry can slide her feet into two frozen turkeys and ski.

A pal said: “She is happy to go along with it. She’s keen to do whatever it takes to earn some extra money. The idea is to draw in customers and she enjoys it, as she gets to earn money while getting drunk.”

There are no pictures of this happening. And it’s pretty clear that the paper’s Lottie Lumsden missed an opportunity.

Tough times at the NoTW when you can’t afford £50 for your top showbiz scoop. The NoTW says “YOU CAN AFFORD HER”. Or not…

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