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Seeking Refunds From James Ray At Better Business Bureau

by | 24th, October 2009

MORE on James Arthur Ray and the developing story about the Sedona sweat lodge disaster. Our Man In Hollywood takes up the story:

Long before the fatal sweat lodge tragedy in Sedona, Arizona, people were complaining about James Arthur Ray’s business practices.

Research finds there have been no fewer than seven complaints against Ray filed with the Better Business Bureau, all from people who unsuccessfully sought refunds for retreats or seminars with Ray. That’s according to BBB President and Chief Executive Sheryl Bilbrey.

One woman who complained, Donna Fleming, 60, filed a small-claims lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court, but lost her case.

Fleming is a Topanga, California resident and business owner.

She says she paid $6,000 to attend James Ray seminars.

During one of those in 2008 at Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, Fleming told the BBB that about 175 people were told by Ray to put on thrift-shop clothing and mess up their hair to appear homeless.

A bus then dropped them off in downtown San Diego with no money, IDs or phones.

Fleming said she didn’t feel safe in the rough neighborhood they wandered in for about four hours.

“We were told not to associate with one another,” Fleming told a San Diego newspaper. “We were told that we’re warriors, surviving out there and living by our wits.”

She said she felt duped by Ray because the session wasn’t teaching her anything about how to achieve wealth.

And the BBB apparently isn’t impressed with the way Ray runs his business…

A check of the Bureau’s website reveals the company gets only a “C” rating (”A+” being the best, “F” being the worst)

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