Anorak News | Janet Jackson Breaks Her ‘Vow’ To Michael Jackson

Janet Jackson Breaks Her ‘Vow’ To Michael Jackson

by | 25th, October 2009
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pa-79614171MICHAEL JACKSON’s youngest sister Janet Jackson promised to wear black for a year to mourn her brother.

A source told all the press:

“Janet, like the rest of the Jackson family, has been left bereft by Michael’s passing. She felt a particular bond to her brother and has been distraught since his death. As a mark of respect she has decided to only wear black clothes to express her grief, and she has had to go on a number of shopping trips to find suitable items to wear.

“She has resolved to mourn Michael’s death for 12 months, and in June next year – on the anniversary of Michael’s passing – her time of reflection will come to an end.”

This picture hereunder is from October, and shows Janet Jackson with at UFC 104, an Ultimate Fighting Championship, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Sure enough, Janet Jackson did not make the vow herself, and all we have is an unnamed source, although that was good enough for the story to make it to the newswires and the pages of the Sun, the Mirror and more.

The event in Pictures:


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