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Family Of James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Victim Kirby Brown Meet Larry King

by | 26th, October 2009

james-ray-larry-kingTHE James Arthur Ray Sedone sweat lodge story rumbles on. This week, Larry King meets the relatives of Kirby Brown, one of the three who died in the James Ray sweat lodge.

Anorak’s Man in the Hollywood Hills takes up the story:

WHAT makes the situation interesting is the fact that the “Larry King Live” executive producer is known to have had a business relationship with Ray in the past, reportedly.

Apparently, the producer was so taken with the philosophy of “The Secret,” that she focused at least two episodes of King’s show on the subject, and personally booked James Arthur Ray as a guest.

But wait. There’s more.

Around the time Ray last appeared on “LKL,” King’s producer was shopping him to a Hollywood production company to host Ray’s own syndicated show based on “The Secret.”

Her efforts to pitch Ray were unsuccessful, in part due to the fact that Oprah Winfrey sent word to Ray that she was interested in building a show around him and his teachings.

Ray quickly abandoned King’s producer for Winfrey’s people – but talks with the Big “O” eventually broke off, leaving him out in the cold.

So the question is: Will King go easy on Ray’s actions during Monday’s show… or will he be out for blood?

As they say in Hollywood, stay tuned – RR

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