Anorak News | X Factor: Joe McElderry Hits Lucie Jones, Lily Allen And John & Edward’s Soiled Suits

X Factor: Joe McElderry Hits Lucie Jones, Lily Allen And John & Edward’s Soiled Suits

by | 26th, October 2009

x-factor3X FACTOR round-Up: Joe McElderry hits Lucie Jones, Lily Allen sings, Strictly Come Dancing flails, John & Edward soil their clothes and evil Lisa Hayden-Johnson…

Metro: “X-Factor Lucie Jones left in tears after ‘bust up’”

X-Factor beauty Lucie Jones was left in ‘agony’ after she was struck in the face by a tambourine by show rival Joe McElderry back stage.

Can McElderry copy Danyl Johnson’s Stacey Solomon shtick and help Lucie Jones connect with her tears?

The Welsh beauty cried out in pain after the 18-year-old misfired throwing the instrument in the air, striking the stunner direct in the face…

But injured Lucie was left stunned, wondering whether her nose had been broken after she reportedly crying out: ‘Ouch! What the hell did you do that for? It really hurt.’

It’s the X-Ray Factor. But did she cry? If you’re going be the new Cheryl Cole, you’ve got to cry:

The injury was an extra blow for Jones, 18, who was left in floods of tears on Saturday night’s show after her big band performance failed to win over Simon Cowell.

Hold the tambourine, literally. Lucie Jones is already crying.

Mirror: “AXess all areas”

Let’s go back stage with John & Edward:

“The twins are my lucky charms,” says Faye. “I love them. They’re up for anything. They remind me of Max Headroom meets Bros meets Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McAllister from Home Alone.

In a dark alley. Without any of the charm, singing ability or talent. As for John & Edward being a lucky charm, we prefer the less terrifying severed rabbit’s foot.

Faye rummages around the clothes rail and pulls out the white suit jacket John wore for the first live show. “Look!” she says. “Stains everywhere. You give them something to wear and in half an hour it’s dirty. Boys, eh?”

Moving swiftly on…

Campaign: “X Factor advertisers lose audience to Strictly”

The X Factor is losing up to 2.4 million viewers to the BBC during ad breaks, thanks to the scheduling of Strictly Come Dancing next to the ITV talent show.

The entire X Factor is, of course, an ad break for Cheryl Cole.

Daily Mirror: “Strictly Come Dancing beats X Factor to sign Lily Allen as guest singer”

Shame we missed Lily teaching the wannabes how to be a big act by singing about your lover’s sex drive and criticising Cheryl Cole’s use of the Auto Tune singing machine.

And what is the X Factor without controversy?

Haringey Independent: “X Factor dream is over for Miss Frank”

X FACTOR finalists Miss Frank were controversially sent home last night after finding themselves in the bottom two of the ITV reality show.

Controversy – act with least number of votes loses…

If you want real controversy:

Daily Mirror: “Evil mum forced son into a wheelchair to feed her need for fame”

This is evil mum Lisa Hayden-Johnson who put her son through years of unnecessary medical treatment while claiming a fortune in benefits. The twisted fantasist, 35, forced the tot into a wheelchair, fed him through a tube and let him have operations he didn’t need…

Last week, after a two-year investigation, she pleaded guilty to child cruelty and perverting the course of justice.

And the worst bit:

She raked in an estimated £200,000 in benefits and even got free X Factor tickets after contacting Simon Cowell.

If the child cold have held a tune, he might have won the show…

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