Anorak News | Drugs Smuggler Refuses To Go To The Toilet For 16 Days

Drugs Smuggler Refuses To Go To The Toilet For 16 Days

by | 26th, October 2009

constipationDAMIEN Ankrah, 28, is in Swansea Crown Court, charged with placing heroin in condoms and swallowing them. This is not a new safer method to getting wasted, rather a way of smuggling the illegal substances.

The drugs remained in Ankrah’s stomach for 16 days, during which time he refused to go to the toilet. As the BBC reports:

David Lindsay, prosecuting, told the court – sitting at Swansea Guildhall – that Ankrah’s stubbornness took up an “inordinate” amount of police time and resources.

What resources? Ankrah should have claimed that his non-toileting was part of drive toward eco-efficiency and par5t of his AL Gorean beliefs. If he doesn’t go to the toilet he’s saving gallons of water. To helps him not to go, Ankrah refuses to eat nor drink. Ankrah is a drugs smuggler – he later confesses – but he is far from wasteful.

Old Mr Anorak makes no comment on the drugs matter, but just adds that constipation is no joke, and that had the condoms been full of the suet sandwhiches he endured as a lad, Mr Ankrah might well have been gone again…

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