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Five Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s In Iceland

by | 27th, October 2009

mcdonalds-icelandFIRST Kerry Katona’s face was offed, now McDonald’s has decided to leave Iceland to the Icelanders.

Odd that a land of pure snow and ice should be famous for being linked with the face of own-brand ketchup and being dumped by McDonald’s. But what are the facts? Let’s take a look:

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard explains:

What the company actually said was that it can no longer compete with Icelandic fast-food joints that rely on local produce…

The BBC putts it another way.

McDonald’s is to close its business in Iceland because the country’s financial crisis has made it too expensive to operate its franchise.

Sky News says, “The withdrawal of the golden arches symbolises a sharp fall from economic grace for a nation.” The Consumerist says: “Iceland is so messed up McDonald’s is giving up and going home.”

Such are the facts.

Here are 5 things you never knew about McDonald’s in Iceland:

1. In 2007, nine-year-old Einar Huld became lost in a snowstorm. She was rescued when a man standing on a car seven miles away spotted the luminous yellow cheese slice she had removed from the cheeseburger and stuck to her head.

2. Seven out of ten Icelanders think all Americans look like Ronald McDonald; while five out of ten think all American men are called Ronald.

3. Before McDonald’s arrived in Iceland, all the country’s burgers constituted of a snowball ball served between two toasted whale cubs.

4. The Icelandic version if filet ‘o’ fish pays homage to the old Icelandic burger as McDonald’s cuts each pickles on a curve so forming the outline of a Right Whale.

5. Kerry Katona is the patron saint of Iceland.

Says one Icelander:

“I was always amazed how they made those incredible toys from that plastic cheese.”

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