Anorak News | China Erects Pair Of Massive Breasts Attached to Tiny Girl

China Erects Pair Of Massive Breasts Attached to Tiny Girl

by | 28th, October 2009

chinaIN Foshan City, Guangdong province China a new statue features a small child stood well back behind a pair of giant breasts.

Is this a Katie Price time line, a lide that takes users from the young Katie to the Jordan to now?

The girl is just 20cm tall girl and her breasts are five metres high and wide. Neither girl nor chests are thought to be real – although we have yet to hear the girl sing.

Says one mum:

“The park used to be a great place for families, but now what attracts my son the most is the huge breasts. I have tried to educate him with some scientific knowledge, but all he thinks when he sees the statue are smutty thoughts.”

Mum knows what you’re thinking. You can’t win. If you look at the little girl, you’re a paedo. If you look at the breasts, you’re a sicko. And if you look at mum, you’re just odd. What says the girls? A kindergarten teacher explains:

“The little girls were scared and cried loudly, asking me if they would grow those huge things, and boys laughed crazily.”

Says a spokesman for the park:

“It’s normal to have disagreements about art, we can understand it.”

It’s nothing more than a worthwhile totem for mass debate…

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