Anorak News | Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood Sells His Hanky For Hundreds of Pounds

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood Sells His Hanky For Hundreds of Pounds

by | 28th, October 2009
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7968011SEE that “Black Guitar Silk-Cotton Scarf, Ronnie Wood for Liberty of London”? It’s not. No, it is Ronnie Wood. It’s not a scarf. It is a hanky.

Were it a hanky from Wood’s headier days, the £225 asking price would be worth it for the contents alone.
But there is more to Woods than his hanky:

Liberty of London’s Creative Director, Tamara Salman and legendary musician Ronnie Wood are shaking up the fashion scene with an electrifying collaboration for Autumn Winter 09.

Salman has created a collection that translates a selection of Wood’s vibrant paintings from canvas into leather, cotton, jersey, foil and nylon.

The collection is available for pre-order exclusively online now and will be in store on 1st October.
Things that look food in canvas don’t always translate well into other fabrics. Think tents and duffel bags.

Here’s another item, a snip at £300:

Red ‘I Feel Like Painting’ Racer Dress, Ronnie Wood for Liberty of London.

The dress is a white smock number that someone has ejaculated a paint box onto, with a huge swirly pattern over the womb area.

There are lots of other items equally cheap looking that bear the legend “I feel like painting”. Ronnie also feels like leaving his wife for a much younger woman. What we feel is not what is always best for us nor the art movement. In any case the original verison went “I feel like a pint”. The ink ran. On a brighter note this error means Ronnie can say “You need a touch up, luv” and “Get your coat” to the ladies.

But after the dresses, the T-shirts and the purses. the most common items are the “scarves”. How the creatives managed to get square pantings onto square pieces of fabric is beyond our comprehension.

But if you want one, you can get one. And if you don’t want one, Ronnie can take them home and use them as hankies. You can always trust a man with an impressive hanky…

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