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Peter Andre Tweets The Ultimate Michael Jackson Film Review

by | 28th, October 2009

7970532SENTIMETNAL Peter Andre has taken his dignity to see the Michael Jackson film. Eat your heart out, Elizabeth Taylor. This is golden.

After the film, Peter the Dignified gets to thinking. And her gets to tweeting:

Michael is a genius.An utter genius.However, would he of wanted this movie to go out? not sure.Wish they showed his life not just rehearsals

And there you have the most ironic-laden tweet ever. Peter Andre, who has made a carer from going to Ikea, scoring points over his ex-wife and kissing his kids on the telly thinks a pop star did not want only his behind-the-scenes life to be aired.

Peter, on the other hand, only exists behind the scenes, episodically. Peter is modern telly’s version of Duncan Dares, the Blue Peter spin-off in which Peter Duncan would go on adventures at the behest of kids too chicken to go on Jimmy Savile’s show and do it for themselves. Peter was filmed driving a submersible Beatle, walking on fire in his bare feet and sticking a hive of bees to his chin.

Each week Peter Andre goes on his own adventures at the behest of his kidzzz, such as finding the way out of Ikea or finding a new way to insult Katie Price while looking dignified and superior.

There are rumours that Peter’s behind-the-scenes existence has its own behind the scenes scenes. And one day we will discover the secret lives of all his camera crew…

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