Anorak News | James Arthur Ray And The Cult Of Death Makes Martyrs Of The Sedona Three

James Arthur Ray And The Cult Of Death Makes Martyrs Of The Sedona Three

by | 30th, October 2009

james-arthur-rayJAMES Arthur Ray Watch:  Three poples die at a Sweat Lodge in Sedona, Ariziona. The leader of the group, James Arthur Ray, survives. But the talk is of death. Anorak’s Man in the heat of LA, looks on:

THERE’S a new piece at about James Arthur Ray and the Sedona sweat lodge disaster. The apparent thesis is both chilling and fascinating.

Essentially, James Ray appears to be obsessed with death:

“If you review Ray’s writing and lectures, you will find many references such as: ‘If you’re not growing, you’re dying’ and ‘for anything new to live, something first must die,’” says the source. “He speaks a great deal about dying to limitations, dying to the old self, (dying to old) ways of thinking,” and breaking free.”

That source tells People that they don’t think Ray’s death references were meant literally… only in the context of killing off what holds you back.


But in light of what happened in Arizona on October 8th, The Rat finds Ray’s words at least very ominous.

You might recall that Rumor Rat was able to track down some of Ray’s Twitter tweets from the days leading up to the sweat lodge (like the one below).


People magazine unearths even more of them, including one on October 2nd that said:

“The Toltecs practice an ‘awareness of impending death… Makes every moment precious when you know it could be your last.”

There were five Twitter postings from Ray on that day. Four of them discussed death.

“A man proves himself in his actions, and (Ray) has fallen way short of the omnipotence he believed he possessed,” said Tom McFeeley, the cousin of 38-year-old Kirby Brown who died in the sweat lodge.

People quotes a “source close to Ray” as saying that he uses the word death a lot, but in the context of killing off what holds you back – and not actually dying.

Still the coincidence you get when you combine Ray’s written terminology, and the reality of what happened on October 8th, is at the very least disturbing. – RR

– The talk of life as a preparation for death is classic religious fare. How soon before the Sedona Three are being called martyrs?

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