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City Bans Over 12s, Tall Children And Sex Offenders From Halloween

by | 31st, October 2009

halloween3IN Belleville, St Louis, paedos and yobbos are spreading the Halloween fear.

The rules state that anyone the age of an eighth grader – that’s 12 years old – and younger may trick or treat from 5:00 to 8:30 on Halloween night. If you are older you are forbidden unless you are special needs.

The rules also state that anyone older than 12 year must not wear a mask or anything that covers or disguises the face.

Mayor Mark Eckert tells us how they do it the land of the free:

“We felt that the situation of adding that about concealing your identity is a tool for the police officers. They don’t need to have people running around that feel like they have the right to have different masks on throughout the community, into restaurants, or different places. That makes it very difficult to do their jobs.”

So no wearing a stripy jumper and wearing a black mask; no dressing up as Gary Glitter; a paedo priest nor that. It only makes the police’s job harder.

Mayor Eckert, who might be the scariest person in town, says:

“We had listened for many years to our residents, particularly seniors and single moms who said it was kind of scary many times when high school aged kids, people who are as tall as you and me, 6-feet tall, coming to their door late at night.”

Maybe a height restriction was the way to go. Dwarves only. No-one is scared of dwarves. But what about 12-year-olds of height? The debate rages:

“We firmly believe that trick or treating is for children, and when they get to be an age, if their parents aren’t sensible enough to tell them they’re getting too old, you’re getting too big, then we feel that the ordinance is in tact for our police officers to not have to tap them on the shoulder telling them to knock it off.”

We can’t have grown men and women playing at dress up and threatening people in the street who impinge on civil liberties. The, er, police will not allow it. The mayor goes on:

“We made it illegal for sex offenders to turn their light on and give candy to children. We feel like sex offenders truly have restrictions and need to follow them and do not need to be participating in luring children to their door.”

Much safer for sex offenders to leave their lights off and operate in the dark.

In Belleville no-one can hear you scream…

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