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Madonna Teaches Good Hygiene To Africa

by | 31st, October 2009

madgeMADONNA has a message for the kids of the Home of Hope orphanage and African Baby Shoppe, Malawi.

Madonna wants to the kids to know that they should retain the hope – one day she may need more children and they should be ready to look photogenic at all times. The other thing Madonna wants to teach you is that good hand hygiene can never be ignored.

When handling orphans in Africa always sport a pair of elbow-length leather gloves, or /and a vial of hand sanitiser. And you kids, when meeting a mega-rich American witha  hotline to God, remember to wash your hands.

Madge is at her school, the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls in the capital, Lilongwe. Madonna’s school will “empower girls to become Malawi’s future leaders“.

Her African leaders will one day go head-to-head with Oprah Winfrey’s African leaders, as full-frontal ambition takes on weepy patronising empowerment.

To the winner Africa.

Now wash your hands.

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