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Joe Jackson Measures Michael Jackson’s Death in Dollars

by | 31st, October 2009

pa-7970739THE New York Post hears Papa Joe Jackson say that his boy Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive. Them’s the facts:

Michael Jackson’s dad thinks the singer is “worth more dead than when he was alive.” Joe Jackson, 80, let that slip last night in an interview on the syndicated TV show “Extra.” Jackson — decked out in creepy sunglasses and a blinged-out, black, chalk-stripe suit — quickly recognized his gaffe and blurted out, “I’d rather have him alive.”

Extra TV is less attacking:

As Michael’s movie “This Is It” rakes in $2.2 million in the box office, Joe adds, “When he was living, they didn’t show this.”

Joe is right. When Michael was living they did not show his death movie. Gawker’s Foster Kamer reads the news and says:

One hell of a necrophiliac Freudian slip, right?

The This Is It Film is necophila in 2D. We come to see the dead man dance and sing. But Joe Jackson is right. Michael Jackson is bigger and more profitable in death than life. Had the post-child abuse trial Jackson created a behind-the-scnes film in life, would they have come to see him; or just gawped at the freak show?

Trouble is that Papa Joe has form, plugging his new acts as his son lay in a morgue. He’s the arch pragmatist. Much like the media which lauds the Jackson they once called Wacko…

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