Anorak News | Katie Price Death Threats From ‘Team Andre’ And Alex Reid’s Ladyboy Sex

Katie Price Death Threats From ‘Team Andre’ And Alex Reid’s Ladyboy Sex

by | 1st, November 2009

pa-7948755KATIE Price, Peter Andre Watch: Death threats to Katie Price, tattoos, Alex Reid’s Thai Lady prostitute Kay Kae tells of three-time-a-night sex…

The News of the World (front page): “Maniac’s threats to Jordan”

Star on Sunday (fr0nt page): “Mafia threats to Jordan”

Can a manic be in the mafia? The Star tells us:

KATIE Price has been given a Halloween fright night after being issued with Mafia-style death threats.

Did a man on a scooter tell her: “Yous is-a dead-a, Miss-a tutti-frutti, iceee-crema”?

Last night a source close to Jordan, 31, admitted: “The threats have been really nasty. But it’s the threat to kill her horses that made the most impact. It’s like something out of The Godfather.

You remember that’s scene from the film, when Marlon Brando tells OK-Do-Kay! magazine about his horses and how someone on a cage-fighting website had said something nasty. Then everyone dies in a hail of bullets. Marlon then calls the Celebrity Police Force:

Last night a spokesman for Hampshire Police said: “Yesterday evening we attended an address in Aldershot after receiving information relating to inappropriate and threatening comments that were made on a website. They have caused some concern. We are continuing to make some inquiries around these reports.”

Is Katie Price ok?

But last night Katie played down the threats, with sources close to her saying they were “a storm in a teacup”.

It’s turns out that a storm in teacup is big enough to make the front page of the tabloids.

Meanwhile, it seems all is not well between Katie and Alex, 34, as sources say she has ditched her idea to have each other’s names tattooed on their bodies.

A lack of free space? Time to enlarge the skin area, Jordan. Fetch the pump!

In other news, the Sun heard from Kay Kae, the Thai ladyboy who last week told us how she never slept with Alex Reid and he never paid her for sex. This week, she remembers that she did have sex with him for money, to the best of her recollection:

She said: “At about 1am he asked me to go home with him. He paid a bar fine of 500 baht (£9) to take me out. We went to his bungalow and had a shower together. Then we had sex two or three times. He liked me to wear my high-heels in bed. He also asked me to keep my mini-skirt on. I stayed with him until the afternoon then got a taxi back to continue working. Alex didn’t come into the bar the next night because he told me he had a fight the next day and couldn’t have sex.

“But on the third night he was back again. We went to a disco and then back to his bungalow and we had sex again two or three times. Alex wore a condom every time. The first time we had sex, he gave me £120. He gave me different amounts the other times.”

No comment from Reid’s camp. But if you can’t trust a Thai prostitute, who can you trust?

Meanwhile, braking news on those mafia threats, one of which called her a “hoar”.

One of the notes said chillingly: “I am going to kill the horses.” They were put together from letters cut from newspapers like a ransom demand. Another was signed “Team Andre” and others also called her “a muva” and a “c***”.

Katie, the NOTW, tells us had “panic attack” when she read the note placed on obscure website.

Meanwhile, Peter Andre continues to look dignified…

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