Anorak News | X Factor: John & Edward Come Clean On Drugs, Sex, Drink And Olly Murs

X Factor: John & Edward Come Clean On Drugs, Sex, Drink And Olly Murs

by | 1st, November 2009

erasure1THE Star would like to tell you about John And Edward Grimes’ who tells us: “WE’RE THE SIN TWINS.”

Shock X Factor favourites John and Edward Grimes have lifted the lid on their sex, drugs and booze demons.

That would be Jedward (22-1, Betfair) who are right now sixth favourites to win the contest our of 8 acts, less liked than only the dire Lloyd Daniels (40-1, Coral) and the gushing Rachel Adedeji (30-1, BlueSquare). Favourite to win the show is Olly Murs.

Wit that fact cleared up, what about that sex, drugs and booze? Time to come clean – and get clean – lads:

The teenage twins say they know all about the dangers of the showbiz world. And, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, the brothers revealed how temptation has already come their way.

So they haven’t actually had any sex, drugs and booze, then. It’s just their hair that looks aroused:

The pair, who had to dose up on cold medicines last night so they were fit to perform, say lusty female fans won’t leave them alone.

Benylin is a gateway drug? Says Edward:

“We’re getting a load of female attention and that is great for our hopes in the competition. People can say what they like about us and slag us off but we are doing what we love doing and people like that. And there is a reason why we are getting votes every week. It has to be sex appeal and charm!”

They’re not getting that many votes every week. They are closer to the bottom of the vote than the top. The have all the sex appeal of a giant garden gnome and the charm of an angry pile.

John, who revealed their dressing room is “crammed” with fan mail, added: “Cheryl has promised us a date so we will be cashing in on that! She is our perfect woman. She’s amazing.”

So that’s; the sex. What else, Edward?

“We don’t drink, we don’t smoke and we hate drugs.”

So much for the sin brothers. That Daily Star exclusive is looking thinner than an Ashley Cole excuse.  Edward has more:

“We love to run to get into shape. Before school we would go for a long run and then go into class for the day. After school we would just keep on running again for a couple of hours.

Adrenaline junkies!

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