Anorak News | Hanging All Footballers For Marlon King’s Crimes, With Carole Malone’s Old Rope

Hanging All Footballers For Marlon King’s Crimes, With Carole Malone’s Old Rope

by | 1st, November 2009
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FOOTBALLER Marlon King’s victim – he punched her in the face – wants to show you her face and tell you what a bastard he is. And he is. But Carole Malone wants more. She wants to attack all footballers and football fans.

But you don’t need to look at the picturesm, which are front-page news in the NoTW. You can listen to Emily Carr tell all about the attack.

As King, 29, began an 18-month jail sentence for groping 20-year-old student Emily Carr and punching her in the face, she told for the first time how the £35,000-a-week striker taunted and floored her in the vicious nightclub attack.

It’s a story told in adjectives: “Student Emily”; “vicious nightclub attack”; “horrifying injuries”; “devastated victim”; “horrific moment”…

Our shock pictures reveal the awful aftermath of the beating that left Emily spattered head to toe in blood, her teeth forced through her lip and her nose badly broken – disfigured for life.

A commentor opines on King’s wife, Juilie, who was expecting his third child when he groped and then beat up a woman:

If her hits other women so easily in such a open place? he prob beats her to.

Mrs King  says not. Another commenter says:

I think this was a racist attack. I knew his victim would be a white girl even before I read any articles about it. That is why he punched her with such severity, even though she was a complete stranger. If a white footballer punched a black girl with such force it would be seen as racist.

For some it’s not enough that an innocent young woman was sexually assaulted and then beaten up by a lunatic. Let’s imagine how worse in can be.

And right on cue, arrives Carole Malone:

And isn’t King typical of the new breed of footballer…

Well, no. He isn’t. malone offers no list of footballing women beaters. She offers no news on other sports, rubgy, for instance or darts. Do show jumpers beat up women? Again, no facts.

“…many Premiership club managers seem to be as morally bereft as their players.”

Such as? Carole doesn’t say. And then there are the kids who are pulling on replica kits and making ready to beat up women.

Like it or not, footballers are role models for kids and if those kids see their heroes beating women up and getting away with it – that’s what THEY’LL do.

Carole continues to talk and rubbish football. And she is free to talk so long as a football fan in a replica kit does not approach to quieten her.

I’d like to think this moron’s career is finished but in the money-grubbing world of football where managers protect the law-breakers and the thugs who make them millions, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Well, not again. King committed a crime. He has been jailed. If anyone sees fit to employ him afterwards, they can. If a secretary hits a woman or rapes one he can still be a secretary ocne his sentence is served. That’s the rule of law. Or would Malone like there to be one law for footballers and one law for the rest of us?

You imagine, she’d love that…


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