Anorak News | Judge Rules Transexual Burglar Has Rotten Life And Must Remain Free

Judge Rules Transexual Burglar Has Rotten Life And Must Remain Free

by | 4th, November 2009

thiefTHEA Cox has been caught stealing make-up and women’s clothes. Thea is arrested and now up before The Beak.

Cox, 54, has been handed a12-week prison sentence for possessing an offensive weapon as she burgled student flats at Exeter University. She is ordered to wear a tag, which means police can keep tabs on her as she revisits the scene of past crimes to have another go.

So here she is before Recorder Kevin Hann, at Exeter Crown Court. Jail looms. Says Hann:

“This is such an unusual case – you’ve had a rotten life fighting the demons within yourself and have been able to stay out of trouble for many years until recently.

“It seems to me you have reached something of a turning point. A lot of people are trying hard to keep you on the straight and narrow.

“These are very unusual circumstances. I have decided that to activate the suspended sentence would be unjust.”

In short, he has escaped jail. Thea, aka Timothy, tells us:

“I have had a remarkable amount of abuse. I’ve been hit with sticks and stones and had a hand put up my skirt to check on my gender. People need to be more aware and understanding, but they are ignorant and loutish.”

It’s nothing short of criminal.

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